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The beautiful Chinese girl Ni Ni in The Warriors Gate

The Warriors Gate, a big box office bomb. This is a big bad fantasy movie, played by famous international stars, screen written and produced by Luc Besson, directed by Matthias Hoene. The film stars Ni Ni as Princess Su Lin, Uriah Shelton as Jack, Mark Chao as Zhao. There are two basic laws in Chinese and Western co-filmed movies. One is that the Chinese and Western co-filmed movies must be box office bombs; the other is that the beautiful Chinese must fall in love with the Western white man, no matter how worthless the Western white man is. Luc Besson has disappointed

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter abandoned Chinese girl Li Bingbing

Resident Evil: final chapter. Chinese girl Li Bingbing does not appear in Resident Evil: final chapter movie, which is already opened to public. It seems really wasted that Li Bingbing was touched the thigh in Resident Evil: Retribution, and she gained not much for the sacrifice, not a great reputation, not a play part in the final chapter. The official had said that Li Bingbing would once again play Ada Wang in the series film, and no one was more suitable than her for the role. Li Bingbing who Played Ada Wang said that the fifth was not very satisfactory

The Crusades soldier meets Chinese princess through time travel in Outcast (2014 film)

The Crusades soldier comes to China to meet the Chinese princess. The Crusades was a famous religious movement in history. Generally speaking, the Crusades was a failure, and the main reason was the complex social composition of participants, non-unified weapons and equipment. The Crusades made great suffer to the East and West Europe, caused huge material losses, but they had a long-term effect on the European civilization. The Crusades actually opened the door to the East Trade, promoted the development of Western science and technology. It found an outlet for the civil war in the Christian kingdoms of Europe, drove

A beautiful Chinese girl fights for human future in Independence Day: Resurgence

Whose Independence Day is this? An Independence Day is an anniversary of a nation’s independence or statehood. Most countries observe their respective independence days as national holidays. The Independence Day of the United State, the most famous Independence Day maybe, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 240 years ago in 1776 on July 4 by the Continental. It declared that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and were no longer part of the British Empire. The Independence Day of the United State is also moved onto the screen. Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to the 1996 film Independence

The beautiful Chinese girl serving in the army in Wolf Warriors

Wolf Warriorsis a film showing Chinese manliness. Wolf Warriors is the first Chinese 3D war action film in China. It was released on April 2, 2015. It is the first film directed by Wu Jing. Wu Jing also plays Sergeant Leng Feng, a marksman within the Chinese Special Forces who is initially tried in court martial and reprimanded for failing to obey a direct order in the field. Scott Adkins plays “Tom Cat”, an ex-US Navy Seal and now mercenary. Min Deng is an international broker, and his brother, Wu Ji, smuggles drugs in China and is killed by Leng Feng. Min Deng,