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The girl studies Chinese martial arts from TV in Killer Joe

The Chinese martial arts plot. There are many killer films, but no one is like Killer Joe. In many cases, killer films mainly described the cool killer who killed the enemies in cold blood, got things done in minutes, and showed their dazzling skills to Kill and rob. Killer Joe is a killer film combined with family tragedy and ethics that make the film different. In the film, a young man in trouble, a ramshackle father, a retarded sister, an unmerciful stepmother, and a feminine and handsome killer, become the protagonists of the story. The open story is that the son

The girl in Chinese Chi-pao in Kill Bill Vol.1(2003 film)

The girl in Chinese chi-pao. Every nation in the world has their own unique clothes & accessories that was long time evolved with the culture, environment and history. These clothes & accessories have different meaning as the time changes. Take Chinese chi-pao, or Cheongsam, for example. Chi-pao is the Chinese traditional costume, hailed as the quintessence of Chinese culture. Though there are still a lot of controversies about the definition and origin time, chi-pao is still one of the most gorgeous phenomena and forms in China’s long dress culture. It is generally believed that chi-pao formed in 1920s when it

The Chinese brush painting and philosophy thought in Arrival (film)

The highlight is the design of the alien language with the aid of Chinese culture. One typical nature of science fiction films is that it is very burning for the original authors, the film makers, and the audiences. Without sound and image, sometimes the original works are more unreadable. Take Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang for an example, in the story a nonlinear time language thinking model is constructed. The story about the communication between humans and aliens focuses on the most basic thing: Language. In the writing, the language of the alien seems to be a living creature.

The Chinese character tattoo in Romance (1999 film)

The unpresentable blue movie expresses the unspeakable meaning in Chinese tattoo. The foreigners all know that Chinese is the most difficult language, not only because it is the only hieroglyphic that is still being used, but also because the meaning of Chinese language is rather quirkish, depending on the context. The context is the language environment, including the language factor and the non- language factor. Factors relating time, space, scene, object, premise of discourse, and other use of words, are all contextual factors. Sometimes, the Chinese applies to express the unspeakable meaning, because of its complex context relations. These are

The mythical animal Taotie of remote ages in The Great Wall (film)

Chinese mythical animal of remote ages shows up in The Great Wall (film). China is a country with long long history, and many mythical animals of remote ages that have been passed down by word of mouth or documents. There are four Saint Beasts in Chinese myths and legends of the ancient times, i.e., Taotie, Hundun, Taowu, and Qiongqi. The origin of the four Saint Beasts are four Immortals, i.e., Sanmiao, Huandou, Gun, and Gonggong, who who had done all kinds of evil without virtues. And after the death, the four Immortals were debased from Heaven to Earth, and then Sanmiao, Huandou, Gun, and Gonggong transformed into Taotie, Hundun, Taowu, and Qiongqi respectively.

Stars skillfully use chopsticks for Chinese food in Youth

Youth overview. Youth is the time of life when one is young, but the spirit of the heart is more important. Everybody gets old one day. How do we look upon life with a peaceful and graceful mind when we are old and we find the conflict between youth and old, desire and fear? Youth tries to tell a story of getting old and facing the concomitant loneliness, a story of the eternal struggle between age and youth, the past and the future, life and death, commitment and betrayal, but not to find the answer. It is a 2015 Italian comedy-drama film written

They travel in space with Chinese food in the Prometheus

The Prometheus goes to the space for human origin. Who are our ancestors? Who is the first to walk on earth? Who are their nearest relatives? Why do they survive while others tend to die? Human never stop exploring the human origin. Since Darwin created biological evolution theory, most people believe that human is the product of biological evolution, and modern people and modern apes had a common ancestor. Even so, people keep studying every trace that points to the origin of human. The film Prometheus begins with the search of human origin, but it turns to be an Alien

Nicolas Cage teaches Chinese Wing Chun in Bangkok Dangerous

Nicolas Cage uses Chinese Wing Chun to train and kill. The killer theme has been put on screen for dozens of years. It is easy to make the killing processes and scenes good, but difficult to make the difference. Unfortunately, Bangkok Dangerous makes no difference from other killer films. The Hollywood leading man, the Bangkok story place, it is really not stimulating, except the other Asian actors, because you know the end when you know the beginning. Our killer, Nicolas Cage, starts in the so cool voice-over, a little lonely, and with the cold and indifferent look. The film is

The girls study Chinese Shaolin Temple Martial arts in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice kill Zombies. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a 2016 British-American action horror comedy film based on Seth Grahame-Smith’s 2009 novel, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which parodies the 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The film is directed by Burr Steers, who wrote the adapted screenplay. In 19 century, England, a mysterious plague breaks out, and the undead wander around and damage the countryside. Even the noble ladies are sent to China or Japan to learn the art of weaponry and martial arts. In a ball thrown by the rich Bingley family, Elizabeth Bennet meets Fitzwilliam Darcy, but they get into Pride and Prejudice against each other, for