Chinese girls always fall in love with the white in Hollywood films

Chinese girls are universally in love with white people.

It is an interesting observation that Chinese girls are universally in love with white people in Hollywood films. It is very normal and universal to see the image on the screen that the Chinese leading lady will go to the bed with white men or kiss the white men, with or without reason, as the story goes on. Why?

 In contemporary and modern times, the west countries are powerful. The west powers are leading in all directions for a long time, including politics, economics and culture. The built dominant position makes powerful culture and value output. And the most important, the progressiveness will reflect in their citizens. All kinds of reasons make the west white males are very confident.


And the west white males have their biological and physical advantage. High nose, deep eyes, golden hair, white skin, and white teeth make the west white males look very handsome, and they are well received by oriental women. The west white men are tall. And tall stature has become one of the criteria for the selection of many girls.

And there is a rumor that the sex ability of the white men is much stronger than the oriental men. The sex ability of Chinese men is inferior by comparison to the crazy the white men. The Chinese men are so weak that the reason of Chinese style divorce is the marital sex life is not harmonious. So, the Chinese beauties scramble for white men. Though the rumor is proved to be a true rumor, it still influences many oriental and Chinese women, and it is ingrained.

Art comes from life, and is higher than life. These society social phenomena are reasonably described in the film that is based on life.

Examples of Chinese girls and white people.

In Čovek sa gvozdenom pesnicom, Lucy Alexis Liu provides Russell Ira Crowe with place and girls to play games. Russell Ira Crowe has several mistresses at the same time, and he is happy with games and little things.

Lucy Alexis Liu and Russell Ira Crowe in Čovek sa gvozdenom pesnicom

In The Transporter, Shu Qi actively requests love from Jason Statham to reward him for saving her life. It happens for a good reason, and of course he saves her. Jason Statham refuses her at the beginning, but under the repeated demands he surrenders to her gentle embrace.

Shu Qi and Jason Statham In The Transporter

In Outcast, Hayden Christensen and Crystal Liu kiss beside the campfire. They are both in trouble that they are hunted by killers, and they come together through thick and thin. It may be true love.

Hayden Christensen and Crystal Liu in Outcast

In The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Nolasco Da Silva Luisa Isabella and Luke Ford suddenly fall in love without a foundation. That is too abrupt and unacceptable.

Nolasco Da Silva Luisa Isabella and Luke Ford in The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

In Miami Vice, Colin Farrell and Gong Li put on stage the passion sex, which greatly enriches audiences’ mind. The bold and unconstrained image of Gong Li completely subverts the world’s view of traditional Chinese female.

Colin Farrell and Gong Li in Miami Vice

What about Chinese men and white girl?

Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Donnie Yen are world known and acknowledged Chinese martial arts stars. But they are only limited as martial arts stars, and have no affairs with the white beautiful women. And they even don’t get a kiss with the white female stars, and the white females who cooperate with them are not first stars, but two or three line movie stars. In Kiss of the Dragon, Jet Li escapes with the prostitute without body touch. In The Spy Next Door, Jackie Chan has to settle a great series of troubles to marry a family of mother and three kids, which is really difficult for him.

Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Donnie Yen

There are some suggestions. China should make films about crazy Chinese men and white women, and focuses highlight of Chinese men strong sex ability—-That’s what Hollywood does to focus highlight of white men sex ability. And, China should abandon white male pictures in advertising industry, and uses local handsome male models. China is a country of abundant human resources, and it is very easy. Finally, China and Chinese people should be more confident, and believe in themselves.