Resident Evil: The Final Chapter abandoned Chinese girl Li Bingbing

Resident Evil: final chapter.

Chinese girl Li Bingbing does not appear in Resident Evil: final chapter movie, which is already opened to public. It seems really wasted that Li Bingbing was touched the thigh in Resident Evil: Retribution, and she gained not much for the sacrifice, not a great reputation, not a play part in the final chapter. The official had said that Li Bingbing would once again play Ada Wang in the series film, and no one was more suitable than her for the role. Li Bingbing who Played Ada Wang said that the fifth was not very satisfactory and she hoped that the final outcome would be good shot.

As the last film of the series, Resident Evil: End chapter has been released in the world, which is an end of an era. From the first film in 2002, six films have gone through fifteen years. Although the style has long been deviated from the game, a lot of fans of the film are expecting this end. The return of goddess Alice and the end of the series of Resident Evil will be the biggest hope that fans are really interested. From the first Resident Evil in 2002 to the last of 2017, actress Mira Jovovich is killing zombies in the film for fifteen years. Mira Jovovich’s eyes are more and more determined and firmed, and her action is still neat, without the slightest dragging water. However, from the scores of the various film critics website, Resident Evil: final chapter is a barely qualified film, not good, but reaching the passing line. But we do not know if there are love points for this end story.

Resident Evil series films are very popular in the world, and greatly influence the zombie films. It is hard to say how successful the single film is, but they as a whole are absolutely regarded as the most influential zombie series. The impact of the series on science fiction horror film cannot be underestimated. The Western zombie culture mainly comes from the folk myths of Haiti, and the zombies in the Haitian mythology tradition are a bit like Chinese witch culture. These zombies are manipulated by the witchcraft master, and they have no free will. In the Western movies, there are so many terrorist elements, like science Frankenstein, vampire, zombie, etc. Zombie is the only element that is directly put on the screen without a profound literary tradition, and the zombie films go viral, sweeping the world.

Resident Evil The Final Chapter abandoned Chinese girl Li Bingbing

Resident Evil: Retribution review.

I have to say Resident Evil: Retribution is a disappointed hodgepodge film. Film director Paul Anderson seems completely out of control. In his series films, the core is his wife Millla Jovovich, and the second are a variety of zombie monsters and visual spectacle fighting scenes. When making the film, Paul Anderson just films the beautiful and handsome postures shows of Milla Jovovich who fights from start till end, and gathers all acquaintances who appeared in the former serie, and the job is done.

When you see the biochemical monster, you think you are watching Godzilla.

When the rescue team member is sawed death, you think you are watching Saw.

When you see the little girl is captured by the monster and is kept in the film package, you think you are watching Alien.

When you see cloned people being produced in the flow production line, you think you are watching The Matrix.

When you see Alice climbing the wall, you think you are watching Batman.

When you see Jill holding the stick, you think you are watching Depredador 2.

When you see Rain forcing the bullet out of the body, you think you are watching Wolverine.

When you see the last monster siege, you who spending 1.5 hours on the film finally are collapsed, you think you are watching the Hobbit?

Such a commercial hodgepodge film that doesn’t get exactly the results desired makes people sick. And, the passionate melody doesn’t change from start to end, even when Alice is badly beaten by Jill with her elbow and other people’s hearts are broken, which really makes people uncomfortable.

So, when the audience watch Resident Evil: Retribution, they only need to understand the heroine Alice is a good person, and her partners are also good, and those people against her are bad, and a variety of common zombies and large zombies and monsters are enemies, and the rest is to vent the brain and experience the movie’s visual bombing that pleases the audience.