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Genghis khan who influences Chinese and Eurasia Continent history in Mongol film

The film tells the story that Genghis khan relies on woman to survive. We all know that Genghis Khan, Tem├╝jin, established the Mongol Empire, and conquered most parts of Eurasia Continent in the following years, greatly changed the historical course. In his early years, he suffered much, and the film Mongol tells the story. Mongol, a 2007 Russian semi-historical epic film directed by Sergei Bodrov, stars Tadanobu Asano, Sun Honglei and Chuluuny Khulan. And the film was nominated for the 2007Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film as a submission from Kazakhstan. The filming took place mainly in the People’s Republic of China, principally in Inner Mongolia (the Mongol autonomous region), and in Kazakhstan,

The irresponsible historical mistakes about China in The Admiral: Roaring Currents

China and Korea fight against Japan in the Battle of Myeongryang in the film. China, Korea and Japan are the three countries in Northeast Asia, too tangled up to unravel the long history of gratitude or resentment. In most cases, Japan always wanted to conquer Korea to conquer China, and then established a great emperor. As the mother country of Korea, China always counterattacked Japan when Korea was in critical situation in the Japanese invasion. In China, there are many films about counterattacking Japan during 1931~1945, but few films about helping Korea fight Japan before the modern history. More historical

The mythical animal Taotie of remote ages in The Great Wall (film)

Chinese mythical animal of remote ages shows up in The Great Wall (film). China is a country with long long history, and many mythical animals of remote ages that have been passed down by word of mouth or documents. There are four Saint Beasts in Chinese myths and legends of the ancient times, i.e., Taotie, Hundun, Taowu, and Qiongqi. The origin of the four Saint Beasts are four Immortals, i.e., Sanmiao, Huandou, Gun, and Gonggong, who who had done all kinds of evil without virtues. And after the death, the four Immortals were debased from Heaven to Earth, and then Sanmiao, Huandou, Gun, and Gonggong transformed into Taotie, Hundun, Taowu, and Qiongqi respectively.