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The mythical animal Taotie of remote ages in The Great Wall (film)

Chinese mythical animal of remote ages shows up in The Great Wall (film). China is a country with long long history, and many mythical animals of remote ages that have been passed down by word of mouth or documents. There are four Saint Beasts in Chinese myths and legends of the ancient times, i.e., Taotie, Hundun, Taowu, and Qiongqi. The origin of the four Saint Beasts are four Immortals, i.e., Sanmiao, Huandou, Gun, and Gonggong, who who had done all kinds of evil without virtues. And after the death, the four Immortals were debased from Heaven to Earth, and then Sanmiao, Huandou, Gun, and Gonggong transformed into Taotie, Hundun, Taowu, and Qiongqi respectively.