The beautiful Chinese girl serving in the army in Wolf Warriors

Wolf Warriorsis a film showing Chinese manliness.

Wolf Warriors is the first Chinese 3D war action film in China. It was released on April 2, 2015. It is the first film directed by Wu Jing. Wu Jing also plays Sergeant Leng Feng, a marksman within the Chinese Special Forces who is initially tried in court martial and reprimanded for failing to obey a direct order in the field. Scott Adkins plays “Tom Cat”, an ex-US Navy Seal and now mercenary. Min Deng is an international broker, and his brother, Wu Ji, smuggles drugs in China and is killed by Leng Feng. Min Deng, shocked by the death of his brother, hires Tom Cat team to kill Leng Feng. The final fight is between Leng Feng and Tom Cat. Leng Feng succeeds in killing Tom Cat, and Min Deng is arrested. It is also the first film that Scott Adkins cooperates with Chinese director.

the beautiful Chinese girl serving in the army in Wolf Warriors

The film tries to show Chinese manliness. But there’re three plots that gives a big discount on the effects. The first is that the Chinese Wolf Warriors Special Forces with the advantage of numbers are somehow severely hit by the mercenary army in the woods. In the Hollywood film, it is an easy piece of cake for one man to fight 100 bastards. The second, Leng Feng is almost killed by Tom Cat in the final fight. Tom Cat already puts the knife on Leng Feng’s neck to cut the last breath off, but Leng Feng strikes back in an unexpected way and kills careless Tom Cat. The audiences might think that an unequal contest brings no honor to the victor. In the Hollywood film, the hero will proudly cut the enemy’s heads down, never so awkwardly. The third, when the Chinese Wolf Warriors Special Forces chase Min Deng to the border line, a large group of militants flee under the watchful eyes of the Special Forces armed with automatic weapons and armed helicopter. That’s unreadable. In the American movie, the militants will be completely wiped out with flying bullets. Anyway, it is one of the few films to show the Chinese power and manhood in recent years.

The beautiful Chinese girl serving in the army.

The head of the Chinese Wolf Warriors Special Forces is Long Xiaoyun, a beautiful Chinese girl, played by Yu Nan. In an army mainly composed of males, Long Xiaoyun is distrusted of her ability of leading the team in the beginning, and even the members of the Special Forces show disrespect. Undoubtedly, Long Xiaoyun overcomes many difficulties to be a competent team leader. When Leng Feng disobeys orders to kill drug dealer Wu Ji, and is about to be fired, Long Xiaoyun knows he is a good sniper, and holds her ground to recruit Leng Feng into her team.Long Xiaoyun is a people-reading leader, and she knows no man is perfect. She encourages her men to do their best but ignore their small flaws.

But, as a dignified military team leader, Yu Nan cannot act too female to be the leader, and her part relies more on eyes and face. The film does not give her much space, because she is just the role to join the plots together and push the story forward. She exists just for the story structure, not for the story content. It is good enough to be dedicated, and Yu Nan is doing the good job. The film successfully characterizes the Chinese girl as an elegant, intellectual, capable and experienced female military officer.

Compared to it that about 15% of US army are female, in the People’s Liberation Army, female members are still the minority. Especially in the combat troops, females are very few. The female members of the PLA mainly are non- combat personnel, such as communication soldiers, medical corps, orderlies, and so on. The reason is that American army weapons are more advanced and there is less chance of contact fighting, but in the PLA, the probability of contact fighting is much higher and females are limited. But military experts believe that the strength of female upper limbs is 60% of male upper limbs, and 70% of male legs, 80% of male reaction rate, and the logistic supply will increase 30%. Female and male soldiers might get in danger because female soldiers cannot catch up with male soldiers, so male and female mixed troops operate with low efficiency, because of which there are less female soldiers in the PLA than American.