The Chinese character tattoo in Romance (1999 film)

The unpresentable blue movie expresses the unspeakable meaning in Chinese tattoo.

The foreigners all know that Chinese is the most difficult language, not only because it is the only hieroglyphic that is still being used, but also because the meaning of Chinese language is rather quirkish, depending on the context. The context is the language environment, including the language factor and the non- language factor. Factors relating time, space, scene, object, premise of discourse, and other use of words, are all contextual factors. Sometimes, the Chinese applies to express the unspeakable meaning, because of its complex context relations. These are the subtleties of Chinese cultures. But it is hard for foreign films to use it, and there are few. But, Romance is an exception.

As a 1999 French art house drama film written and directed by Catherine Breillat, Romance stars Caroline Ducey, Rocco Siffredi, Sagamore Stévenin and François Berléand. It features explicit copulation scenes, unpresentable maybe. Marie loves with her boyfriend Paul, a model, but he would like to read books to kill the time rather than have sex with her. She searches for intimacy beyond the bounds of traditional sexual limitations, a journey that proves to be both fulfilling and empowering.

The film uses the Chinese Character “忍” tattoo on Paul’s left chest that is easily overlooked to show the core artistic conception. Those who know the exactly meaning of the word will praise the detail that is artistically aware.

The meaning of the Chinese character and the implication in the film.

The Chinese character “忍” means to endure, to bear, to tolerate, or be cruel in English. When a word goes into translation, all those linguistic subtleties get lost. But we can still get the basic meaning of the word and understand the heart of the film.

It is well accepted that the desire for food and sex is part of human nature. As a normal young woman, Marie is eager to get sexual love from her boyfriend Paul for a long time, but Paul refuses her for a long time. Marie has made a lot of effort to coordinate Paul, but fails. She loves the wrong guy who has no interest for sex. Though Marie has a strong will to stay in the normal and moral sex relation with Paul, but any man’s will gets weaker and weaker as the time goes by, and especially in the case that no hope can be seen. She is despair and gives up all the attempts. She can’t endure the life without sex.

The most popular among foreigners is the Chinese characters on their skin.

It is unknown when it begins that the most popular operation among foreigners is the Chinese characters tattoo on the skin, and no one knows what the characters mean. It is seen from a lot of European and American stars who love Chinese characters, like a pilgrimage.

Chinese characters tattoo

Thirty years ago, if people in the world did not know English, they would be stuck in a corner and held a hard place. But thirty years later, if they did not understand Chinese culture and Chinese, you would be held a hard place. Not to mention how well it’s reflected in the tattoo.

Most foreigners with Chinese characters tattoo are probably looking for a tattoo artist who is of Asian origin and can’t even speak Chinese. They offer a very misleading translation because they are stupid foreigners who don’t understand Chinese.

Chinese characters tattoo by a Vietnamese tattoo artist

A Vietnamese tattoo artist has been arrested in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo for inscribing Chinese characters on customers who do not speak Chinese, with a message that does not match their requirements. The customer wants to print Chinese characters, he is always free to express in other words, and even he is not as good as Google translation.