The unfriendly Chinese boy in The Karate Kid (2010 film)

The Karate Kid comes to China to learn Kong Fu unexpectedly.

Kong Fu, or Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese traditional martial arts, is the nickname of Wu Shu in the late Qing Period. It reflects personal applications and attainments of Wu Shu. Based on the technological orientation of stop the invasion, it is the way of entering understanding man and nature, and social objective law. Kong Fu is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation, the embodiment of Chinese traditional culture, and the unique “martial arts” in the world. Its skills are Rigid and soft, and rely on external and internal cultivation. As the precious cultural heritage of the Chinese working people, it contains Sages’ understanding of life and universe. A large number of Chinese Kung Fu film and television works at home and abroad, and worldwide spread of Wing Chun and Shaolin show that Kong Fu has wide influence in the world.

The learning of Kung Fu mainly relies on the Master Transmission Mode, and sometimes fate. Of course, personal innate qualifications are very important. Some people look for a good teacher in their whole life without getting close to a Master, and some people learn for a long time but are not qualified to learn directly from the Master, but from the Master’s students.

But now, the Karate Kid has his good fate to learn from the Master. The Karate Kid, a 2010 Chinese-American martial arts action drama film directed by Harald Zwart, stars Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan and Taraji P. Henson. This remake of the original 1984 film of the same name is set in China, and features Kung Fu instead of Karate. 12-year-old Dre from Detroit, Michigan moves to Beijing, China with his mother and runs afoul of the neighborhood bully. He makes an unlikely ally in the form of an aging maintenance man, Mr. Han, a kungfu master who teaches him kungfu for self-defense. Dre even wins the Wushu Competition Champion.

The unfriendly Chinese boy.

When Dre plays in the community Park, he gets acquaintant with the Chinese girl, which makes a Chinese boy bully jealous. The Chinese boy comes to disturb their communication and order the girl to go home. Dre wants to reason with him, but the Chinese boy pushes Dre over, and beat him. Arrogant, rude, the Chinese boy really gives Dre a good lesson. Other Chinese kids just watch the fun indifferently, and no one goes to stop it. Dre’s white friend and the girl want to stop the Chinese boy, but fail.

Attention! It is a Chinese boy who may be a junior school student that shows how unfriendly he is! And in the whole film, the Chinese boy always finds some excuse to start a quarrel or a fight with Dre. And audiences praise Dre for his hard work to learn Chinese Kong Fu and tenacious spirits, people would get disgusting that the Chinese boy is so unreasonable.

In fact, Chinese people are friendly, or even over friendly to the foreigners.

Chinese people never judge the foreigners’ color. There are white people, black people, and yellow people, and other color people in China, and they never meet racial discrimination in any private and public occasions. They make money together, study together, and live together, equally. Foreigners can be found everywhere, and no place sets the racial barrier. Chinese society gives them the equal chance to fulfill their dreams.

Chinese people and China make every convenience for foreigners. Considering that understanding Chinese language is a big problem for foreigners, there are English instructions, signs, and tips everywhere, including roads, banks, restaurants, and transportation. And there are many Chinese studying English and you can ask them for help without the embarrassment of offering tips. You can find everything is so easy to go on.

Chinese people and China give foreigners preferential treatment. The Chinese are told to treat foreign guests friendly and politely from childhood. And some organizations, such as stations, hospitals, and so on, set special service window only for foreigners, so that they can handle affairs in time. For those foreigners who invest their money to do business or industry, they will get favorable tax, land, human source, and other favorable policies that make them get profit in lower costs.

Chinese are always friendly towards foreigners. Historically, Chinese people always have some kind of feelings of great powers, and they think themselves of ancient civilization, and a state of ceremonies. And they take proud of taking comparative care of foreigners, and they sometimes hold some extra patience on foreigners. Personally, Chinese people always insist to win people by virtue, and to be friendly is a kind of personal accomplishment.

In a word, the film maker can find another way to show Dre how he can find the true himself and how he can get a good chance to learn Chinese Kong Fu. The film doesn’t have to distort the facts that Chinese people never get hard on the foreigners; no matter they are white, black, yellow, or other colors. And sometimes Chinese people are so friendly that some foreigners that think Chinese people are too weak become imperious. Maybe China and Chinese people should treat foreigners flatly, but not super citizens.