They travel in space with Chinese food in the Prometheus

The Prometheus goes to the space for human origin.

Who are our ancestors? Who is the first to walk on earth? Who are their nearest relatives? Why do they survive while others tend to die? Human never stop exploring the human origin. Since Darwin created biological evolution theory, most people believe that human is the product of biological evolution, and modern people and modern apes had a common ancestor. Even so, people keep studying every trace that points to the origin of human.

The film Prometheus begins with the search of human origin, but it turns to be an Alien film. The Alien film series is very popular all over the world, which was started in 1979. The terrible procedure of the Alien growth that it is oviparous but finally grows up to a powerful monster after parasiting in the human body is very impressive as a typical screen image. But the past Alien film series never tell the cause where the Alien comes from. Prometheus is a 2012 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof, and starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green, and Charlize Theron. It is set in the late 21st century when the crew members of the spaceship Prometheusas that follows a star map discovered among the artifacts of several ancient Earth cultures find the Creator’s planet. In the underground cave which turns out to be a spaceship, with the help of the robot named David, the crew members find the Creator’s remains, and the Creator’s DNA matches human’s. And the crew finds a survival of the Creator, but the Creator is to destroy human with the biological weapon that is stored in the spaceship. At the moment when the Creator launches the spaceship towards Earth, the crew crashes up to the spaceship. The Creator vents his anger on Doctor Shaw who is one of the initiators to begin the trip to the Creator’s planet. In the fight, the mutated biological weapon kills and parasites the Creator, and the first Alien is born.

They travel in space with Chinese food in the Prometheus

The beautiful Doctor Shaw eats Chinese food after exploration.

After the first exploration from the Creator’s ship, Doctor Shaw finds that the Creator’s DNA matches human’s, which really makes her excited. When the DNA matching experiment is done, she picks up chopsticks to eat Chinese food, recording the important discovery with the recorder. And Doctor Shaw’ husband comes in with a fresh rose. American always find romance everywhere. In the two-year-long journey in the space, how could people get a fresh rose for flirting? Maybe we are interesting with the question, and the husband gives the answer. He says the rose is frozen with the champagne, and when they find what they came for, he will pick out to give to the wife. But Doctor Shaw’ husband is more interested in lovemaking with Doctor Shaw. The Chinese food, or the rose, is just a snack before sex. But this is the very intercourse that gives birth to the Alien. Well, audients cannot help wondering that the Alien would not be born if Doctor Shaw doesn’t have the spirit for the intercourse without the Chinese food. So, why do they carry the Chinese food with them?

The film does not show the detail of the Chinese food, and we just can barely catch a glimpse of the food between the chopsticks. They look green, like some kind of vegetables. Considering the two yeas long journey in the space, only the robot David drives the ship, and others are asleep, so the vegetables are not fresh, and they must be preserved food.

The reason people carry Chinese food with them in the space.

The film deliberately shows the chopsticks twice in the narration. The first time is when the crew are woken up by the robot David to have their first meal, and the second is when Doctor Shaw eats Chinese food and then make love with her husband. I don’t know why, as it is not necessary in the space. The chopsticks are easy and portable to carry, but the Chinese food is difficult to preserve. Maybe they just carry chopsticks with them, because the film never shows the Chinese food. But if there is not Chinese food, what they carry chopsticks for? For eating steak?

The first reason maybe is that there is one American Chinese on the ship. American always advocates democracy and love, and the same spirit is expressed in the film with the specific particulars. Everyone who sees the film would be deeply moved that the crew is so thoughtful to prepare for everybody, and feels that everybody is equally respected, and feels love. Analysts say that American films successfully implement American values and humanistic concern, and that is how they achieve the goal in every tiny thing.

The second reason maybe is the same as the rose, for it is just a stage property to make the film more comfortable. After the landing on the planet, the crew members wear the space suit to go out. Doctor Shaw’ husband asks robot David why David wear the space suit because he doesn’t need breathing. David says that people feel more comfortable to interact with their own kind, so he is designed to do that. It is the same reason that people feel more comfortable to live in their own environment under which they can complete the mission better, including the food and the way they eat the food. Just like the rose before the sex makes the sex more exciting.