Top 10 best films 2016 tragically abandoned by Oscar Award

Top 10 best films abandoned by 2016 Oscar Award here don’t mean that the films are not good. But for unknown or unbelievable reasons, they even failed to get nominated. And let’s see what the Top 10 best films abandoned by 2016 Oscar Award are, and you can still see the films to make up for the regret. They are: In the Heart of the Sea, Fast & Furious 7, Ant-Man, Peanuts, Point Break, The Walk, Child 44, Beasts of no nation, Mr. Holmes, and Concussion.

In the Heart of the Sea

In In the Heart of the Sea, there are no new breakthroughs like that in similar film Life of Pi, but as a Hollywood traditional business director, Long Howard, with the most customary entry point filming, is also remarkable in his neatly narrative way. In the film, the oil from the ground replacing the whale oil on the market interprets of the vicissitudes of life changes. The “dare to challenge things that others do not dare to challenge” cliché words are used to sum up, so that the audiences meditate on the brains of fearless death. The mad rage of giant whale, the swallowing storm, mast breaking the ship, the boat scraped over and other audio-visual links, are majestic fine, amazing. But it is not Oscar nominated! The film Rush was not nominated, either. it seems that the US judges do not like Long Howard and Chris Hemsworth combination.

Top 10 best films,In the Heart of the Sea

Fast & Furious 7

Many people have joked that this is speed and gay love, but Paul Walker died unexpectedly, and the classic gay love is over! In Fast & Furious 7, there is no breakthroughs, no transcendences, no new ideas, simple and brutal, straight and straight, to fight and fight, and numerous BUGs. But James Wan is not ready to make the big commercial film with cars and actions as the carrier. Hard muscle males turning up to fight, bullets, explosions, drag racing, aircrafts, everything is not stingy. Especially flying through the Dubai building three times, and then the two brothers jump off the car at the critical moment. A variety of close-ups in all directions make people stunned and drunk. But after the death of Heath Ledger, the clown he played gets the Oscar, and after the death of Heath of Paul Walker, the world’s most popular racing film still is not nominated. It is even more distressing that the song to commemorate Paul’s, “See you again”, is not nominated Oscar for best song award.

Top 10 best films,Fast & Furious 7


 Ant-Man not only follows the funny heroes style of the last year film Guardians of the Galaxy, but also carefully planned a shaking scam like that in The Italian Job. The film incidentally shows sincere warmth, with the idea of ​​all ages, to create a fun dripping classic Masterpiece. But Ant-Man cannot be as thought-provoking as Inception and The Matrix, and then explore the inside philosophy or mystery. Ant-Man can bring you super cool feeling in the summer stalls, as Guardians of the Galaxy, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Mummy did. Michael Douglas spicy performance is also very eye-catching. But it also inherits the popcorn film in Oscar desperate fate, not nominated and sad. The most incredible is that even though Ant-Man computer effects are poor, but it is more qualified than Ex Machina to win the visual effects award nomination.

Top 10 best films,Ant-Man


Peanuts uses a compressed cookies fast rhythm and absurd laughter, as well as the spicy satire on unfair reality, interprets the same classic counterattack as in Forrest Gump that fortune favors fools. Fox puts the piano down, and the kid immediately plays the piano, and a variety of two-dimensional animation and blackboard chalk cartoons show up, and Snoopy makes fun like wizards. The shows show frequently, multi-angledly, and Multi-transformedly, just like the pen of the Gods that describe the beautiful drawings. But every cartoon classical form the blue-sky studio sometimes reveals to the contemplation on environmental protection, life, and inspirational, with humorous images, and only Ice Age got best animation nomination just once. I really doubt that the judges do not understand cartoons, Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who, Peanuts, and Rio are all qualified to get Oscar rewards.

Top 10 best films,Peanuts

Point Break

The comprehensive upgrade of original limit scene, all kinds of desperate and vigorous adventures, the incredible peak task to complete, make audiences stimulate like rolling the roller coaster. It run goes diametrically against those nowadays mainstream high-tech computer effect science fiction and magic films, because all real shows are completed by real actors. I am afraid that Point Break is the most stunning Hollywood action film after Mad Max 4, and the two bones all flow the wild primitive blood. Even if there are problems in the story planning, the major technical awards are actually of zero nomination, which also makes the global action fans very sad.

Top 10 best films,Point Break

The Walk

Philip Pat takes the first step, and the clouds float, which expresses a great feat atmosphere. Many police officers hear the news and come, and the actor is back and forth in the cable. In addition to molesting the police officers, he but also holds a long pole, from time to time kneels on a single knee, and each dangerous action tends to dance. The heartquake close-up of the shocking cable makes audiences in fear and palms sweating. This wonderful excitement actually does not win any nomination as return. Robert Zemeckis returns to real man film in The Walk from Flight, and we can feel the experiment and brave. This work is too underestimated!

Top 10 best films,To Walk the Clouds

Child 44

 People may mistakenly think that it is a child film, but the director unauthorizedly changed the original details, and Hollywood made the thriller film of the Russian background. In the film, former Soviet Union people are fluent in English, and the box office is far less than expected, which all cause Child 44 silently Become a cannon fodder film. In fact, producer Redley Scott and director Daniel Ispinosa are full of ideas, but they chose the byways novel that won British award as the subject, and shoot the film in B-level violence Mode, the film was doomed. When the majority of Hollywood film people are busy with comics, science fiction, and comedy to make money, the film tells the story of the turbulence context in the callous era, suffocating horror atmosphere, meditation of human and political cruel surface, which is bold to take the world a big wake up, and is not nominated.

Top 10 best films,Child 44

Beasts of no nation

After Abraham Atha won the Venice Film Festival Best Newcomer Award, Beasts of no nation became Hollywood dark horse this year. This piece of ambition is particularly large. Director of TRUE DETECTIVE, Cary Fukunaga, tried to show the West African war with the black child soldier perspective. The 136 minutes of realistic theme film reproduces how civilians suffers in the Third World civil war, how young children are trained into a war machine, how man loses the faith, until the peacekeepers save them. With a compassionate cruel pain, the film is usually easy to win the audience sympathy. Idris Elba plays the devil instructor, and it is known as the popular candidate of Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. But after the nomination was announced, Beasts of no nation gains nothing. There is no wonder that it caused the huge dispute of Oscar’s race discrimination.

Top 10 best films,Beasts of no nation

Mr. Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, as the super Intellectual property film theme, has been in the trend of flooding together. At this time, the old version of Mr. Holmes selects the elegant images, dignified deep atmosphere, slow narrative way, but all the truth to start slowly, the pursuit of the “seemingly calm, but flow in the dark ” internal tension. With the from time to time nictitations, pouts, and frowns, Ian McKellen delicately and accurately characterizes of the inner world of people, which is amazing. However, the most profound, the most rigorous, the most literary style of the Sherlock Holmes, belonging to the BBC involved in the production of the old-fashioned way, was not nominated. In the film, with a lifetime of logic and reasoning, the detective has to admit he has ordinary people’s weakness, and walks down the altar, and finds his EQ, and attributes to the quiet. Was the lonely detective doomed to get old in guilt? Zero Oscar nomination is the evidence.

Top 10 best films,Mr. Holmes


Some people think that Concussion is the most socially significant film of this year’s award-winning season, because it is not a historical but cruel reality. Rugby is the most important sports in the United States, and the Super Bowl is the highest annual rating, but the film tells you that Rugby can kill, and it is harmful to young people, which is of very reflective value. The pictures of dying Rugby athletes are very impressive. Will Smith who plays neurologist experts in the film conquers numerous fans, but he still did not get Oscar nomination. Emperor Will Smith failed to get nominated, which is bound to lead Oscar discrimination to black discrimination.

Top 10 best films,Game Brain